1200w cmy led moving head light led lights for dj stage lights

Item No.: P-MT0012
Led Moving Head Performance is our hot sell products with high power and good cooling system, which make less noise.

Moving head lights are built with rotational mechanisms which allow beams of light to be cast all around your venue. Most of the moving head light collection has DMX technology built-in, meaning you can programme your very own light shows. Give your lighting setup a professional spin with a few LED moving head lights.Moving heads are the most common type of automated lights, and are heavily featured at festivals, concerts, parties, etc. These fixtures emit powerful beams of light while having a full range of motion: circular, tilt, pan, and even 360° rotation. Moving heads can also integrate and project gobos.With highly efficient 1200 watt light engines, the ERA Performance delivers more output than similar-sized fixtures. And it includes a full curtain framing system which offers lighting designers a high degree of flexibility to achieve precise looks on stage.Perfect for big, stadium-sized stage and live productions,the Performance is ideal for a long list of scenarios, requiring an extremely bright, yet truly versatile LED profile that offers near limitless design and usage potential.


Era Performance is our hot sell products with good cooling system, which sold a lot and less repairing requirements.

AC power

100-240V nominal, 50/60 Hz

Light source

700W/1200W/1400W LED engine

Electronic dimming

0 - 100%

Color mixing

CMY, independently variable 0-100%

Color temperature control

Variable 6500 - 2700 K

Color wheel

7 color filters plus open

Gobo animation

Animation wheel, indexing, continuous rotation with variable speed and direction

Rotating gobo wheel

6 gobos plus open, wheel rotation, gobo rotation, indexing and shake

Static gobo wheel

8 gobos plus open, wheel indexing, rotation and shake




6° - 50°


Rotatable framing module, +/-60°, with 4 individually controllable full framing blades with variable angle and position.


2 rotating/indexing prisms (4-facet circular prism and 4-facet linear)


Heavy Frost - for wash effects


540°, coarse & fine control and speed


260°, coarse & fine control and speed

DMX channels


16-bit control

Dimming, pan and tilt

Protection rating

IP 20

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