What is CMY 450w Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Light?


Today we are introducing the CMY 450w beam spot wahs 3in1 beam moving head light. Our new product can be said to be an upgraded version of mythos 440w, but the advantages and price are more suitable for the light practitioners who want to buy mythos440w.

what is difference between 440w and 450w?

1.The 440w has two prism discs that can carry two types of prisms. The 450w also has two prism discs, but it can carry four kinds of prisms, which can be mixed into more colorful prisms effect than 440w.

2.Everyone knows that mythos 440w has a large outer casing, very large, not easy to carry, and can weigh up to about 65kg, but our new product 450w has a better configuration, the weight has also been improved, better solved Too cumbersome and difficult to carry problem.

3.On the basis of mythos 440w to ensure the consistency of CMY, beam, spot, and wash functions, we are also working hard to improve the configuration of 450w in a better direction. We have carried out new research and development on the issue of improving brightness. With success, this new 450w product represents the essence of our continuous learning and strives to add more vitality to the stage lighting market.

Our factory is already the 10th anniversary this year. In order to celebrate this important moment, we have a lot of preferential activities to give back to customers. Welcome to consult more details and become our next new partner.


Post time: Jul-09-2019

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