The soul of the opera, the significant stage lighting treatment

   Although the opera is mainly sound, in fact, the stage lighting is also the soul of the opera. With the changes of the times, the advancement of science, and the continuous improvement of people’s understanding and requirements for the repertoire, the stage set is constantly changing and improving. In order to integrate the superb performance skills of the singers and other actors on the stage with the entire stage, opera lighting is needed to create the atmosphere.

   In opera, the creation of lighting is inspired by music. The brightness of the stage lighting is not just general lighting. First, the amount of light should be taken into consideration to make the stage have sufficient brightness. Secondly, the distribution of stage lighting and the deployment of colors should be considered. For an opera performance, the layout is large and complicated, and it is very inconvenient to change and move. The effective use of lighting can solve these problems well. Advances in technology have made stereoscopic lighting possible, and the use of frontal light bridges is no longer the most complete, but to create a complete stage effect from all angles. With simple and effective lighting, you can perfectly combine with music. Use the effect of music to attract the audience, and finally make the opera become a creative performance of listening, visual, and comprehensive art.

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   With new light sources and modern control technology, the stage lighting art is more realistic and closer to nature. For example, when the sunlight shines from the outside to the indoor scene, the atmosphere of many scenes on the stage and the life rules to be expressed can be reflected by the change of light color, light and dark, and rhythm contrast to create a real scene.22

  But the processing of opera lighting depends largely on music, and the changes in the rhythm of the music are of great significance to the lighting. The lighting designer, like the director and the set designer, is working in a group. According to the performance of the actors, the lighting engineer must be able to carry out creative activities in a responsive manner. Only by working closely with the light can make the performance more coherent, so that it can closely match the music and the plot, and enhance the performance.


Post time: Nov-18-2019

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