The difference between stage performance audio and conference audio and public broadcasting

The difference between stage performance audio and conference audio and public broadcasting

Many people may confuse the sound systems of conferences, public broadcasting, and stage performances. In essence, they are all sound systems, but they have very obvious emphasis and applicable occasions. The following Jinteng stage lighting will introduce you.


1. Conference audio

The conference sound system is mainly used in the sound reinforcement of conferences, trainings, lectures, etc. Conference audio mainly considers the use of special sound reinforcement systems for meetings (note: such as hand-in-hand meetings) or conventional sound reinforcement systems, with corresponding conference microphones.



The general configuration of conference audio is usually a mixer, power amplifier and a pair of speakers. The configuration can be equipped with optional peripheral equipment or audio integrated processor and feedback suppressor. The specific system indicators of the scene depend on the grade of use and budget investment.

2. Public broadcasting sound

Public broadcasting sound system is generally used in large buildings, such as shopping malls, airports, railway stations, exhibition centers, comprehensive office areas, etc., to play background music, broadcast notifications, etc. Public broadcasting audio generally pays attention to language or background music, and considers the uniformity of sound coverage in the arrangement of speakers or speakers.



The public address sound configuration is simple and clear. In addition to the signal source, simple program control functions and corresponding constant voltage or power amplifiers are added. The program is relatively fixed and the frequency response is between 100~10KHz.


3. Stage performance sound

The stage performance sound system is mainly used for performance sound reinforcement. It can be divided into indoor stage performances and outdoor stage performances, with different requirements for different occasions. Stage audio systems need to be configured with prominent features for different types of performances, such as opera, concerts, concerts, and dramas.



The sound configuration requirements of the performance stage should be very high, and the system composition is more complex and flexible. For example, peripheral equipment such as equalization, compression, frequency division, reverberation, excitation, etc., require a wide frequency response range, usually between 35~20KHz, output power of several kilowatts or even tens of thousands of watts, and speakers in a dozen to dozens It just does not wait, all equipment working status requirements are in high-fidelity mode.



Post time: Dec-10-2020

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