Stage Lighting Special Lighting——The Importance of Cultural Tourism Landscape Lighting Setting

Stage lighting media reports: Cultural tourism landscapes are less attractive at night than during the day, and the phenomenon of low night tour value is reflected in many tourist areas. In recent years, Mango Lighting has been vigorously developing the construction of cultural tourism in scenic spots. Combining creativity, technology, and art, we have combined nature, lighting, and people, focusing on the interaction between people, the environment, and works. Thus triggering a new form of night view tourism.

Scenic area lighting is a special form of lighting. It has higher requirements on natural and human characteristics, strict selection of lamps, and elaborate implementation standards for lighting engineering.

Our premise is that lighting planning should focus on the characteristics of the scenic spot and have a beautiful appearance, and also take into account factors such as energy saving, environmental protection, economic safety, and other factors to avoid light pollution.

In addition, the function of landscape lighting must be clear. The emotions expressed by lights of different colors and lighting methods are divided into warm and cold, and they can create different spaces with different atmospheres.


Case Studies:

Emei Elephant City 

Emei Elephant City is characterized by the theme of elephants. The different forms of elephants are the iconic buildings of Emei Elephant City. The popularity is relatively concentrated. The elephants become the visual focus and highlights of the theme, fully displaying the characteristics of the night style. The design is based on the performance perspective, combined with the dance design concept, starting from the color of the lights and dynamic changes, and the overall use of flood lighting for performance. While expressing the characteristics of the building structure, through control, the building is rendered with different colors. The biggest highlight is the light show. Through the controllability of outdoor projection equipment and stage luminaires, and customizable lighting styles that match the music, it shows a flexible and vivid light show, becoming the biggest highlight of the park.


Sigou Cave Scenic Area

Sigoudong Scenic Area is a quaint primordial forest with glacial remains in the Quaternary Period. The source of the ditch is composed of strange and colorful ice erosion landforms and modern earthquake disaster landscapes. The overall lighting is concise, and the lighting is only arranged in the most necessary buildings to form the “net” of the lighting. Through the simplicity of the lighting, an aesthetic state is formed. The most dazzling light is the 380w series of moving head lights. The lights illuminate each other to form a unique Sigoudong cultural light show.


Post time: Nov-26-2019

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