Stage lighting engineering design

Stage lighting engineering design


The open-air stage, as the name suggests, is a stage performance for outdoor activities. The successful part of an evening stage is the attractiveness and quality of the performance. Another major factor is the stage lighting design. Let the editor of your stage lighting manufacturer Costa discuss what are some of the details of the outdoor stage lighting project lighting design requirements!




1. The performance venue in the outdoor stage is wider and the area will be larger than that of the general frame stage. Therefore, the projection distance between the outdoor stage lights and the performance area is longer.

2. The nature and procedures of the open-air stage performance venue, especially the particularity of the special requirements of the content of the overall artistic conception of stage lighting, require special lighting design schemes to meet, and sometimes even add special light positions to complete performance tasks.

3. Outdoor performance halls are usually three-sided (left, center, and right) audiences. When arranging stage lighting equipment, the visual needs and rights of the audience on the left should not be ignored. If there is a TV broadcast or video, you also need to understand the relevant requirements in advance and consider them when designing stage lighting.


4. For outdoor performances, stage lighting design, the scene cannot be changed at will, like a war zone, so stage lighting is needed to enhance the stage atmosphere.

5. It can be based on the lighting design required by the above outdoor stage lighting projects to consider various factors, and even in many cases, the analysis needs to consider related issues, such as the relationship between lighting and the surrounding environment. From a certain level, the demand for large-scale outdoor stage lighting is designed to grasp the overall space environment of the performance more macroscopically, and to serve the audience in a meticulous and thoughtful way.

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Post time: Jan-23-2021

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