Stage lighting design-how to create stunning stage lighting effects?

The success of the party or show, the lighting design effect played a very important role. The ideal lighting effect is to better accentuate the music atmosphere and express the music idea.

A party or TV show is wonderful or not. The lighting design of the lighting engineer is very important. The gorgeous effect of the light can give the audience a visual impact. The lighting effect also has an irreplaceable role in manufacturing and adjusting the atmosphere of the scene. The design of the stage lighting can resonate at the scene and make people remember it. It can be said that the lighting is a gorgeous coat for the party and the show. Without the lighting effect, the party loses its viewability.

Now there are many types of effect lamps. Except for traditional tube lights, return lights, spotlights, the effect lights include led washer lights, color changing lights, moving head lights, matrix light as well as laser lights. How to use the lamps and lighting designers reasonably to express the ideal lighting effect?

The effect lighting design relies on the imagination of the designer. First of all, it is possible to realize the effect only by thinking about the effect. If you can’t think of it, you don’t need to talk about the realization.32

The foundation of imagination is the understanding of music, because music is the basis and purpose of the design of lighting effects, that is, lighting effects are to better accentuate the music atmosphere and express music concepts.

Then let’s talk about how to use light to express and enhance music!

The mood of the music determines the tone of the light

The mood of music is colored, for example, warm and passionate music, then the light is warm, and it can be red, yellow, etc., and the music in a small key can be cold blue. This is well understood, that is, the synaesthesia of art, the expression of the same thing, different art categories are just different ways of expression, and the feeling of expression is the same.31

With the understanding and grasp of the mood of the music, we can first determine the general tone of the light, what kind of music uses what tone color of light.

This is what we usually call the co-shooting of light and music.



Post time: Nov-30-2019

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