Rock In The Stage With SVEN EVENT E.u


SVEM EVENT E.u from Event rental company – based in the Austria Hungarian capital – designed a production lighting scheme to ensure the band and their 500 fans rocking up for the show enjoyed a memorable night out.

Part of his very distinctive luminescent styling for this show was a back wall of 37*15w k20 and 19*15w k10 bee eye series LED wash beam fixtures, which added drama and excitement to the visual picture … and looked totally cool!

SVEM EVENT E.u comapny has worked for the show and event for 12years after initially introducing himself after a show he’d attended because he was into their music. Having the audacity to introduce himself as their “future lighting designer” which they found hilarious at the time … it proved to be a good prediction and the start of a fabulous friendship which then turned into a professional working relationship.

Bee eye series were chosen because he really likes the fixtures as well as for their spectacular colours, amazing central LED ‘flower’ and other effects.On the practical side, it was because they are light in weight and quick and easy to handle and rig.

He ran them in standard mode for the show which gave more than enough functionality on this occasion.

With the back wall he could create high impact silhouettes. “Bee Eye were the only fixtures capable of giving me the precise looks and the right energy for the set” he stated.

With no onstage video elements, all the emphasis was on lighting for visual effects and the Bee eye series effectively created a large-scale low-resolution pixel surface upstage that was completely different in texture and appearance. Not having any conventional video onstage was a refreshing change and also helped focus everyone’s concentration on the band!

Visualised the lightshow utilizing MA3D and ran it on a grandMA2 full size on the night.

He most enjoyed the incredible reactions and feedback from the fans and audience … and the first beer after the show!

Mango Lighting was founded in2009 as a family run business and in the early years specialized in lighting travel item shows and TV show. SVEM EVENT E.u has been working with our since 2016.



Post time: Jul-19-2019

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