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The event company based in Paraguay, Alt Event Show, is more than just a comprehensive company. They are complete event planners. They have most of the equipment and expert teams needed to organize their activities.

Professional event planning, wedding planner, artist coordination, birthday party, conference, management service, stage, lighting, theme decoration,
The show ceiling part of the show is mainly our star product 280w pointe, including 40 sets of 280w, 10 wall washers, adding dramatic and stimulating shocking effect…

The 280W Pointe series was chosen because it is a good choice for stability and performance in the 3in1 beam spot wash moving head light type, and it has become the protag onist of this event.

Powerful and diverse (Colour wheel: 13 dichroic filters + white,Rotating Gobo wheel: 9 rotating, indexable and replaceable + open
Static Gobo wheel: 14 gobos + open)

Assembled at the top, it delivers the best beam effect at a better angle. It can effectively focus the audience on the stage, integrate the performance with the performers, and indulge in the visual effects of shock and psychedelic lighting.

Everyone wants their own performance stage and performance is perfect, they did it!
Founded in 2009, Mango Lighting is a family-owned company that focused on lighting tourism projects and TV shows in its early years. Alt Event Show has been working with us since 2014.




Post time: Aug-08-2019

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