New Year Light Carnival

The New Year is approaching, although the date is different in each country, such as the Russian

New Year is January 14th, the American New Year is Christmas on December 25th, the festive

atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. Just introduce how to turn on the light carnival:


The New Year represents a joyful festival, a happy festival. In order to better celebrate the festival,

lighting decoration has become one of the essential elements, especially like the moving head light

series: MGO-440w, with CMY BSW, MGO-380W Beam, MGO-K10, MGO-K20, MGO-600Z, 37 * 10w

etc models are very popular for people to use in festival scenes. The effects are changeable and can

adapt to the needs of various scenes.

MGO project

Let ’s take MGO-380w, K10, Robin 600 for detailed  case sharing.

1.380W Mexico show:


 2.K10 and Robe600 United State Case:


As the New Year is getting closer, our production line is also very busy. Welcome more partners 

to join Mango Lighting!


Post time: Dec-05-2019

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