New product arrived–Promotion

New product arrived–Promotion

Today we are launching three new products – k15, 450w beam, Martin Rush.

The first K15 Model–19*40w has been upgraded on the basis of k10. The brightness reaches the highest level, exceeding k20. For models with brightness and no need for k20, you can choose this model.
















The second 450w Model, as an upgraded version of the 440w mythos, achieves high brightness, long range, and lighter weight, also with CMY functionality, and the price is more cost effective!

















The third Martin Rush 2rgbw, with the same performance and channel as the original, is currently the latest model, exclusive production.

















If you need more detailed information, please feel free to send an enquiry to our website, Mango brand insists on professional service and quality assurance.

Sincerely welcome more industry people to work together!

Post time: Oct-25-2019

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