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5Moras Group has been using our Mango fixtures for many years, starting around 6 years ago with the 280 Spot / Wash pointe series, followed by the original workhorse Matrix Golden/ Follow Spot 1500 series. More recently it has been a steady flow of the latest technologies – LEDWash 600s,380w,Pointes, LEDBeam 100,200w.

In total they now have around 85 Robe lights in their rental inventory which is constantly servicing a busy work schedule focused on TV shows, corporate events and concert productions.

With such a long and successful history with Mango, which also has a good presence in the central and eastern European region, , who highlights that in addition to their own projects, Mango kit is easy to cross rent, which is always a positive consideration for the accounting department!

“Apart from this, Mango has been appearing on production riders regularly for some years with fixtures like LEDWash 600,k10,k20,Pointe,and others now considered an ‘industry standard’ and therefore a sound investment.”

“Mango’s reliability has proved excellent over the years and we are happy with the local support and service – although being tough and well-built, the fixtures don’t need so much maintenance!”

They like the Pointes for the brightness and versatility, commenting again on its prevalence on local and international riders. When it comes to Spiiders, everyone loves the small footprint, light weight and features like the brightness and excellent zoom.

The new Moras group Pointes went straight out on the final of the Balkans version of MasterChef, recorded in BTV studios, Sofia, Bulgaria. The series’ lighting was designed by Israeli-based TV specialist Dakar Azulay who also spec’d LEDWash 600s and Spiiders for the show.
“In the studio the amount of haze is limited due to contrast issues with the cameras, but the MegaPointes performed brilliantly and gave us all the solid aerial effects that Dakar was looking for. It was an excellent project due to the great production crew, an LD who works fast and knows exactly what he wants and a range of very flexible fixtures so I could get the exact results quickly and smoothly”.

Broadcasters BTV were also delighted and the show drew excellent ratings.

Dakar – who has just finished the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv together with co-LD Ronen Najar – likes the colour saturation of the Spiiders for broadcast and has specified Mango products on many of his high-profile shows.

 About the Moras group

The Ivas Group was founded by Lovro in 2000 to focus on providing premium quality technical production equipment and crews. It started small and has grown organically throughout the years to become one of the key rental companies in Croatia and the Balkans.

Their HQ and main offices are in the vibrant capital of  Zagreb with an extensive warehouse facility some 50 kilometres away, which has been newly remodelled to provide 1600 square metres of space, allowing plenty of contingency for future expansion.

There are now 30 full-time staff dedicated to providing the best lighting, video and audio services and solutions together with trussing, rigging and staging.

Ivas Group works mainly in eastern Europe with a diverse roster of both local and international clients, and this year will make more major investments in equipment to ensure they stay ahead of the game.

Lovro has kept a close watch on how Robe has also grown over the years and ‘Robe’ launched as an own brand in 2002, just after he had started the company.

“It’s been great to see them grow from being the ‘new kids of the block’ to a major global market leader in the highly competitive sphere of moving light technology” he concludes.


Post time: Sep-02-2019

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