Interview with Mango Lighting WangChen: Open The Door To Development with Insist Quality

In the past few years, the most talked about market in the industry is the cultural travel market. Almost everyone knows that the travel market is quite hot, and almost everyone can see the prospects of the travel market is extremely bright. However, even if you see the opportunity of the cultural travel market, many companies can only watch their peers constantly uploading a good news in the travel market, but they are not allowed to enter. It is not easy to enter the travel market, but it is not as difficult as it is imagined.The company pays more attention to creative content. If the product can support the realization of creativity, it will have its value in the market. Enterprises involved in the cultural travel project may need strong system integration technology, may also need huge brand influence, or just an innovative product, can open the market with a bit of broken face.


Interview with Mango lighting Wang Chen: Open the door to development with insist quality

Guangzhou Mango Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. based on its understanding of the travel market, developed and launched a patented product, the stage light rain cover, to provide strong protection for the stage lighting in the outdoor environment. The dazzling lighting also quickly opened the travel market due to this rain cover product. In just three years, it has provided products and services for nearly 100 cultural and travel projects. Huicong audio and lighting network also specially contacted Wang Chen, deputy general manager of Xuanqi Lighting, to understand how the Mango lighting uses innovative products to open the entire travel market with a broken face. After opening the market, it is also a strategy for planning the travel market. One step to achieve the brand improvement road of Mango lighting.


Interview with Mango lighting Wang Chen: Open the door to development with insist quality

Talking about the rain cover of the stage lighting, Mr. Wang is very proud to introduce to the reporter, “I have been doing more foreign trade before the dazzling lights. In 2013, I received the request of foreign customers and started to develop the technology of outdoor stage lighting protection. Finally, the rain cover was officially launched in 2014. Afterwards, we noticed the rising trend of the cultural tourism project in China, so we began to develop and launch rain cover products suitable for domestic use. In 2016, we began to focus on the domestic market, and that At the time, the domestic travel market became hot, and the rain cover became a ‘explosive model’. We also opened the door to the domestic travel market because of the rain cover. We have started each year since 2016. There are 2-3 cultural tourism projects in the month to purchase our rain cover. At present, there are nearly 10,0000 rain coveres being used in large and small cultural and tourism projects across the country.”


With the “point” of the rain cover, the Mango light has a foothold in the “face” of the travel market, which makes the bright lighting quickly open up the brand’s popularity in the domestic market. The success of the “point-to-face” strategy has enabled them to achieve the effect of “breaking the dots”. Although they have only opened up the domestic market for only three years, they have quickly made domestic users aware of the Mango lights. Recently, their products have been involved. In the project of Teacher Sha Xiaoying, it can be seen that the brand influence of Mango lighting is increasing day by day.

Interview with Mango lighting Wang Chen: Open the door to development with insist quality

The rain cover makes the Mango  lights occupy some shares in the domestic travel market, but if you want to develop more, they need to find the next product that can “break the surface”. This product is the latest 380w beam light launched this year. Mr. Wang believes that “380 w beam light is our next major product, this model has the ability to open wider roads for Mango lighting.” He also explained why he had such high expectations for this model. “The raw materials and accessories used in this model are as large as light bulbs, as small as screws, all of which use well-known brands in the industry, but the price is very reasonable. Confession We said that we have no profit on the 380w beam light, which can only maintain the cost. We hope to use 380w  beam light to further increase the market awareness and recognition of the brand of Mango lighting.”



The travel market is very large. In addition to the rain cover and 380w beam lights in the performance field, the bright lights are also aimed at the outdoor lighting market. Open the door to the new market, dazzling the light has a successful experience: to break the face! Nowadays, there is an increasing demand for outdoor lighting, and building lighting and landscape lighting have become new cultural projects. However, at present, there are still blank places in the market for high-rise building lighting installations and high cost. A new patented product will also be launched for this market. This product can solve the problem of high-rise building lighting installation and high cost.

Keep improving, attitude determines product quality


In the production process of each luminaire, there are countless details. The details of the selection of raw materials and accessories have seen the attitude of Mango lighting for product excellence. Since different accessories have different parameters, they have different detection methods according to different accessories when testing the accessory parameters. In the inspection of raw materials, they will be tested one by one, and only raw materials with the same parameters, such as color chips, are selected. Picking, as long as there is a trace of color difference, will affect the final effect of the lamp. “The raw materials and accessories can’t guarantee the quality, and the quality of the lamps.” Mr. Wang said this when he said this.


In addition to the strict control of the quality of the hardware, Mango lighting has made some achievements in software development. In fact, as early as 2012, the Mango lights have begun to use embedded systems in the luminaires. This system effectively improves the performance of the luminaires, and has a qualitative leap in control regardless of luminaire response, running speed, and smooth running.


“We have always been technology-oriented”, Mr. Wang introduced the concept of Mango lighting. “Technical breakthrough is our constant driving force. We are constantly crafting the installation and manufacturing technology of  lighting and making higher quality products. The system software development technology of the luminaires continues to break through, improving the performance of the luminaires, and constantly improving the hardware technology and software technology of the products. This is the attitude of the Mango lights to the products.”

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Post time: Jul-11-2019

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