How to design the lighting in the recording classroom?

With the emphasis on education, recording and broadcasting classrooms have been widely used. From the previous colleges to primary and middle schools, recording and broadcasting classrooms have become a new trend on campus. Therefore, the lighting layout requirements for recording and broadcasting classrooms have gradually increased. So how to reasonably design the lighting and shoot high-quality video effects in the recording room ? The following will introduce the matters needing attention in the lighting design of the recording and broadcasting classroom to meet the requirements of shooting and the comfort of teachers and students.




Notes for the lighting design of the recording classroom:

1、Lighting illuminance is a basic requirement for classroom shooting. The classroom should avoid using natural light sources and use artificial light sources. When using artificial light sources, the light source can be LED meeting room flat panel lamps. The LED panel lighting source has the characteristics of high light efficiency, soft light, faded shadows, non-dazzling, and long life. The surface light can choose the angle-adjustable built-in LED meeting room luminaire, which is convenient to adjust the light. The lighting system is controlled separately, and all control switches are uniformly controlled in the control room.



2、The illuminance of the host classroom, for the camera area, such as people’s face illuminance should be 500LUX. In order to prevent uneven light on the face, the angle-adjustable built-in LED meeting room lamps can be rotated to an appropriate position, which can be adjusted during the installation of the video conference TV. For monitors and projection TV sets, the illuminance around them should not be higher than 80LUX, and should be controlled between 5080LUX, otherwise it will affect the viewing effect. In order to ensure the clear writing of documents and charts, the illuminance of the document chart area should not be greater than 700LUX.

 3、It is recommended to use a diffuse reflection lamp panel with a color gamut of over 85% and a color temperature of 6500K. The direction of the light is more important than the intensity of the light. Installing a diffuser lens for the light can diffuse the light sufficiently and make the participants’ faces evenly illuminated.


4、 The teacher is the main character in the recording and broadcasting classroom. The good or bad image of the teacher during recording and broadcasting can lead to good or bad course quality. The top light should be installed on the top of the teacher, and the horizontal distance between the face light and the teacher is 1200-1800mm. The face light should use an adjustable-angle LED panel light fixture to light the teacher’s face to highlight the teacher’s facial contour. The design of the light should be reasonable, the light should be uniform, the brightness should be appropriate, and the lamps should be free of stroboscopic problems.

Post time: Dec-03-2020

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