How to design stage lighting in drama performance to enhance artistic effect?

How to design stage lighting in drama performance to enhance artistic effect?

The stage performance is not only the performance of the plot, but also needs to bring visual enjoyment to the audience, which requires the use of stage lighting. Introduce the role and artistic performance of stage lighting in theatrical performances.图片1

Drama is the essence of Chinese culture, and stage lighting plays a very crucial role in theatrical performance.

Stage lighting focuses on the creation of the entire atmosphere in the theater stage. Through reasonable lighting design, the audience can enter the scene well, and both the actor and the audience can get a good visual experience.

The stage lighting must cooperate with the various elements in the performance to make the stage setting have a sense of beauty and convey the emotional changes that the actors want to highlight.

So how should stage lighting be reasonably designed so that stage lighting can play its value in theatrical performance?

1. Create a space art atmosphere to achieve emotional rendering

Compared with film and television dramas, the actor’s psychology and personality may be more monotonous in drama, which requires lighting to render it to ensure that the emotions of the characters are more clearly displayed.

We need to have a good control of the color of the light and the warm and cold tones, and let it change with the changes of the characters and the plot. Depression, tension, excitement, excitement and other psychology through the use of lighting design, let the drama performance more deeply displayed.



2. Enrich the storyline and strengthen the audience’s understanding of the characters’ inner emotions

During the performance of the drama, all the emotional display and plot are basically realized by the performer’s performance, and then the audience understands the feelings of the characters through the pictures drawn by the actors.

The stage lighting combines the plot of the story with the inner world of the characters in the form of color matching, light and dark tones, and lighting, and strengthens the audience’s understanding of the entire performance.

For example, at the opening ceremony of the art festival, the actors performed the experimental drama “Dream Chaser” adapted from the drama master Tang Xianzu’s “Linchuan Four Dreams”. The plot is based on warm colors, soft lighting, and gentle expressions and movements of the characters. Get up, the lighting and the scene echo each other, and play a role in strengthening the storyline.


3. The transformation of time and space is shown through light

Like TV dramas and movies, some of the plots to be shown on the theater stage are completed at different times and spaces. If the actors are solely used to perform, it is difficult for the audience to feel this change visually.

And because of the function of the stage lighting, it shows some changes in the whole close-up, or other changes in color and brightness, which will enrich the whole picture. A more three-dimensional plot with various time periods is presented in Before the audience.


For example: bright lights on the stage, the plot during the day is very clear, while dim lights can make the audience into the night at once, this step can be said to be reflected in every drama performance.

The change of stage lighting to time can also be reflected in the seasons, which are mainly reflected by the cold and warm colors. Cold colors are like winter, and warm colors are like summer.

These lighting designs require us to have a good grasp of lighting.



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Post time: Dec-31-2020

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