Cost-effective has not been able to describe this luminaire–380w Beam Light



We all like to use the price/performance ratio to estimate the competitiveness of a product, but it may not be suitable for our performing arts equipment industry. Because we are looking for better sound and lighting effects, the requirements for equipment are very high and very professional. These equipments are simply cost price. It is already difficult to come down. But I thought that one day, a stage lighting manufacturer would like to use the well-known accessories brand in the industry as a supplier of accessories for lamps, but the price is indeed very competitive. It is the new mango 380W beam light that Mango Lighting has launched this year.
This stage lighting will not give up the effect because of the price competitiveness. It has the RDM remote address code intelligent regulation. It not only has the RDM remote design address code function, but also has the DMX512 upgrade function, no matter how many lamps need to operate once. It can be completed, the display design is more user-friendly, intelligent automatic to screen display, self-checking fault, accurate positioning without deviation; over-current protection switch, which saves the fuse box and fuse, and saves the need to find fuse waste during maintenance Time;; use long life bulb, can reach 600,000 Lux at 10 meters; at the same time, for the convenience of user installation, the design uses a folding-free folding light hook; using imported Italian color film to ensure the purity and vivid color, no temperature drift Italy imported heat insulation film, better insulation effect, higher light transmittance; domestic high-quality motor brand in motor selection; prism superimposed pattern clear, independent atomization colorful effect; and imported silent fan, of course There is also a patented cooling air path that extends lamp life.
A lot of people may think that this is selling advertisements, but you may wish to take a look at the brand of accessories for this luminaire. Let us know how good this luminaire is. Just look at this accessory and you will know that it is a good thing. :
The screws are made of black-plated zinc and hardened without rust. As long as people in this industry know that their screw quality is of course more famous for their price, only one screw is more expensive than the general brand screws. Several times.
The bulb is made by Osram, a world-renowned light source brand. The quality and brightness of Platinum 371 are recognized in the industry. The mango 380W beam lamp can achieve a high level of performance. Osram Platinum 371 Nothing.
The outer casing is made of PC material. We know that this material has many advantages. The most important point is that when all the beam lights are performing outdoors, when the beam light lens is facing the sky, if it encounters the sun, the outer shell will be melted by the sunlight. This phenomenon is still unknown to anyone. The mango lamp shell does not have this phenomenon. This is also the result of the mango people’s efforts in quality.
The power cord is a 2.5 square national standard cable with 16A industrial waterproof insert hand-hand line; the integrated folding light hook uses Long Zhixiang patent light hook, which is more convenient for users to install.
The power supply is very important for the luminaires. Therefore, the Mango 380W beam lamp has designated two large professional manufacturers, Kaihui and Ruiba, as power suppliers. These two power supply manufacturers have always been well-known power suppliers in the industry, and many of the top lighting manufacturers in China. There are cooperative relationships, among which the sharp power supply is the self-use power business unit of the famous domestic lighting brand, and it is trustworthy both in quality and brand strength.
The optical lens adopts the product of Jiamiji, its quality can guarantee the effect of the lamp; Youtian and Beckett are the choice of the motor. The motors of these two brands also have a good reputation in the industry. Their motor quality is good, noise Low, smooth and durable.
Italy imported color film ODL, which guarantees the purity and vividness of the color, plays an important role in the effect of the final finished lamps. This effect has also been well received by many users, and the color output of the lamps is not warm, very stable, old and new. The lights can be used simultaneously without chromatic aberration.
The cooling system is selected from the famous brand of Taiwan, China, to build a quasi-fan, which makes the heat dissipation of the lamp more reliable and lower in noise, which greatly ensures the safety of the lamp.
Our pursuit of stage lighting is, of course, the effect and safety first, but the pursuit of such lamps is a hard cost in the selection of materials and accessories. As the saying goes, a penny is worth the price. The price of a good product naturally has a reasonable price. The mango 380W beam lamp is made of the highest quality materials, and returns the user in a small profit type, from small screws to large amounts of light bulbs. Do not hesitate the cost of its raw materials.




Post time: Aug-22-2019

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