Analysis and inspection method of common problems of stage lighting and sound equipment

Stage lighting and sound system

Stage lighting and audio equipment is a key factor in the success of performances. Therefore, we need to check and maintain stage equipment such as lighting and audio from time to time, and repair the equipment that has problems in time to avoid unexpected situations. The following Jinteng stage lighting will introduce you to the common problems and inspection methods of stage lighting and audio equipment (for reference).

1 Inspection sequence for the live problem of the shell of stage audio and lighting equipment

The sequence of the live inspection of the equipment shell: firstly, check whether the power supply line is damaged; secondly, whether the line phase is correct; afterwards, check whether the equipment grounding and voltage are normal.01

2 Inspection methods for interference noise problems in audio equipment

If there is noise in professional audio equipment, first check the dimming interference and whether the audio and lighting power supplies are disconnected. Secondly, check whether the lighting power supply and control circuit are too close to the audio signal line, and whether the silicon box is too close to the audio equipment.





3How to check resonance and feedback in the sound field

If there is resonance and acoustic feedback in professional audio equipment, first check whether the room frequency response has a peak, check whether the room structure and decoration are reasonable, and check whether the crossover point and bass gain are reasonable, and the room reverberation time Whether it is too long.






4 Check for insufficient volume in professional audio system

Under normal circumstances, if there is insufficient volume in professional audio equipment, it is necessary to check whether the line level settings of the power amplifier and speakers are correct, and secondly, whether the speaker wire is connected firmly, whether the phase of the power amplifier and the speakers are consistent, and the equalizer Whether the attenuation amplitude is in the normal range, whether the starting control level of the compressor is appropriate, etc.

5 Inspection methods for stage lighting equipment out of control

If the stage lighting is out of control, first check whether there is any problem with the controller program, whether there is any problem with the address code of the lamp, whether the control line is connected correctly, and whether the control line is interfered by bad signals, and the limit adjustment of the lamp Is it appropriate?





6 Inspection of stage lighting bulb damage

In stage lighting, due to the need to light the bulb for a long time and the high temperature of the bulb, it is easy to damage the bulb. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the installed light bulb is reliable, whether it is contaminated with dust and moisture, and whether the heat dissipation of the light bulb is within the normal range, after which it is necessary to determine whether the voltage is within the normal range, and whether the power switch is used too frequently Case.





7 The sound of wireless microphone in professional audio equipment is unstable

If the wireless microphone is unstable, you need to first check where the sound is unstable, whether it is caused by a high-frequency interference source in the system, or the antenna connection error, receiver fine-tuning, microphone battery power and other connected equipment problems. .




Post time: Jan-23-2021

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