Advantages and applications of LED lamps

Overview of LED Development:      

 In the past about 180 years, the lighting industry has developed into a large-scale production industry based on standardized light emitters, and has also experienced:

1. filament light bulbs (incandescent);

2. gas light bulbs (fluorescent) ;

3, semiconductor lighting (LED) three eras. Consumers often have to replace short-lived products with the same new products themselves. This trend is the driving force behind the development of our lighting industry.      With the development of science and technology, manufacturers of LED chips such as: Nichia, Cree, Osram, Philips, Seoul Semiconductor, Epistar … promote the rapid development of LED lighting technology from different aspects, at the same time It provides a good opportunity for lighting manufacturers to completely change the industry model. The key technical indicators that affect the use of the film and television industry: light efficiency, color temperature, and color rendering index have also been improved by leaps and bounds. Several professional enterprises led by Guangdong Huachen Film and Television Stage Professional Engineering Co., Ltd. also actively responded to relevant national policies and invested huge amounts of money in the research and development of LED film and television professional lamps and lanterns. Ten years of sharpening swords, LED film and television stage professional lighting fixtures finally came into being. With the use of a large number of national, provincial and municipal TV stations (radio), such as CCTV, Hunan TV, Tianjin TV, and Central People’s Broadcasting Station, the application climax of LED film and television lamps has been set up across the country. At present, LED spotlights, LED flat soft lights, LED computer moving head lights, LED sky and earth curtain lights, LED effect dyed lights, LED imaging lights and other lamps can be replaced in various conference and performance venues.

The advantages of LED lamps:

1.High light efficiency: The luminous efficiency of LED light sources is as high as 150lm / w, which is 5-8 times that of tungsten halogen light sources.

2.Infrared radiation is extremely low: The LED light source has extremely low infrared radiation and is a cold light source, which can significantly improve the working environment of broadcasters.

3. Long life:The service life is up to 30,000 hours, which is more than 150 times that of tungsten halogen light source.

4. High safety and stability: LED lamps are solid light-emitting cold light sources. They are safe and reliable to use, and there is no hidden danger of broken tungsten halogen bulbs. At the same time, LED lamps can quickly respond to the control system without delay.

5. Green environmental protection: There is no heavy metal used in the production process of LED lamps, which will not cause pollution by heavy metals, and is a green light source.

Analysis of the economic benefits of applying LED lamps:  

1. Energy saving (Taking LED spotlight and tungsten halogen lamp as an example): The luminous efficiency of the light source of LED lamps is relatively high. The luminous intensity of 200W LED lamps is equivalent to 2KW halogen lamps. If calculated based on 10 hours of operation of each lamp per day, only one lamp can save electricity costs per year: 1.8 (KW) * 0.9 * 10 * 365 (h) * 1.36 (yuan / KW · h) = 5913 yuan At the same time, because LEDs have almost no infrared radiation, the heat generated by the lamps has been greatly reduced, and the studio’s requirements for air conditioning cooling have been greatly reduced, which will further reduce power consumption. 2. Improve working environment: 2KW halogen tungsten lamp produces 1600W infrared radiation when working, and it will produce a strong burning sensation when exposed to the broadcaster for a long time. The 200WLED spotlight produces almost no infrared radiation, which greatly improves the working environment for broadcasters. 3. Low maintenance costs: LED lamps have a life span of up to 30,000 hours, which can be said to be a maintenance-free lamp. Tungsten halogen lamp life is only about 200 hours, each lamp needs to be replaced 10 each year, the cost is 700 yuan. LED lamps do not have this cost. Considering the manpower and material resources required for maintenance, maintenance costs will be saved more. 4. No need for dimming silicon box and corresponding cables: LED lamps all use DMX512 signals and local dimming control, eliminating the need for a dimming station, silicon box and corresponding cables. At the same time, the capital investment for cable trays and power supply systems is reduced. 5. Simple construction: Because the LED lamps are controlled by a built-in DMX512 receiving module, coupled with its low power consumption, the design and construction of LED lighting solutions are very simple. The entire studio only needs to lay a few straight cables and a few DMX signal cables. The LED lamps can be connected in a daisy chain. In summary, the overall system of a studio using LED lighting solutions is basically the same as the investment of traditional lighting solutions. Some need only 6-8 months to make up for the initial investment.

Post time: Dec-30-2019

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