Rain cover project

 Rain cover project 

   If it rains and performs outdoors, do you need protection? Then I will introduce you to a powerful cover – rain cover. The rain cover is a huge umbrella. Moreover, it is a fan of lamps in the rain, carefully protecting their favorite lights, its main function is rainproof, outdoor use, are you ready to follow me to understand more?


    With the rise of outdoor real-life performances, theme parks and other cultural tourism industries, the rise of stage lighting demand has also been promoted. The stage lighting has been extended from traditional theater drama styles to outdoor live performances, landscape lighting and landscape design. However, due to the instability of outdoor weather, outdoor waterproof lights have to experience long-term sun and rain, and the quality of the strong can not withstand such repeated toss. Thus, the stage light rain cover came into being. Next, let me introduce you to the more famous case of Mango lighting!

  Chongzhou Chishui Sidonggou case


Kazakhstan Music Fountain project


Huangjiagou Water Park project


      The rain cover is equivalent to adding a layer of “protective film” to the stage lighting, which extends the life of the lamp without affecting the normal lighting effect. In recent years, it has been highly sought after by the market. The rain cover has the characteristics of higher temperature resistance, more durability and higher cost performance, which can protect the lamp well, so as not to be eroded by rain and moisture outdoors, and prolong the life of the lamp.

Post time: Jun-04-2019

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